New Directory of Care Services

This may be useful.

There is a new directory of small, independent care and support services which you can see here: This page explains the directory; click on the red rectangle at the top to see the actual directory as a PDF doc that can be printed out. Please note that this PDF doc is updated regularly to reflect the availability of services as well as new services that join as appropriate.  

Hopefully this could be a useful resource for people looking for a care or support service. In particular, the first part of the directory contains a list of ten ‘home help’ services that support people to live independently at home and get out into the community to do what matters to them. You can view the ‘home help’ services on this map to see the ones that are close to you: You can also see some of them give a 2-min introduction to their services in this video:

The whole point of this directory is to showcase small, independent care / support services, who have set up independently because they want to provide a highly personalised service in the their local area and build a real understanding and relationship with their customers. All of the services on this directory have committed to a code of practice (for instance having a customer contract, insurance, DBS checks, registered for tax etc.) and have support through the project to uphold this. You can see the code of practice and find out more about the directory in the first link above.