Welcome to the HOPE Centre. Our friendly staff and therapists offer treatments, support and friendship to those living with a long term condition and maybe we could help you too. Originally set up as a Charity to support those with MS, we now offer affordable and accessible Oxygen and Physio treatments to those who may have other neurological conditions. The Directors, staff and volunteers at HOPE are committed to providing a vibrant, well-managed facility that operates for the benefit of its members and you are most welcome to come and have a look around the facilities.

Back in 1986 a group of people, some of whom had MS, set up the HOPE Centre to provide Oxygen Therapy for themselves and others suffering from MS in Pembrokeshire but we are now able to welcome and treat people living with a wide range of conditions from Pembrokeshire and elsewhere. HOPE is a Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. We have a 4 person Oxygen Barochamber, a well equipped Physiotherapy room staffed by our Physical Therapists and a social room with good facilities. Our treatment costs are kept low so that they are affordable and there is a membership fee due in April each year.

Coronavirus – before the Coronavirus outbreak our Centre was open 3 days a week and Members came by appointment for treatments, meeting up with friends over a cup of coffee or tea. Since Covid-19 we have had to reduce our opening considerably – the Centre is now only open 2 mornings a week and observes rigorous protocols and procedures to keep our Members safe – most of which unfortunately affect our ability to offer social opportunities. We have re-opened for Oxygen Therapy only on two mornings with two dives each morning. Our chamber has new oxygen pipes and connectors to allow us to observe new cleaning and sanitising of equipment. Only two places per dive are available as we have introduced social distancing throughout the Centre which extends into our oxygen chamber. A copy of the Centre’s Covid-19 Procedures & Protocols is available here.