Oxygen Therapy


What is it?                                                                                                                    Oxygen Therapy is a well-known treatment not only for people with MS but also for other conditions and injuries where an increase in the percentage of oxygen in the blood stream can have sometimes speed up the natural process of healing. 

How does it work?
What does it involve?
First of all you will sit in our oxygen Barochamber on ordinary comfortable chairs.   This chamber is then pressurised and you will breathe oxygen in through a small mask which fits over your mouth and nose.  Some people may find this a bit claustrophobic or experience slight problems with their ears (rather like that sometimes experienced in an aircraft).   Our operators are all trained to help with such situations and we are always careful to be considerate and build individual confidence in the treatment.  For safety reasons there are some items that should not be taken into the chamber with you and we will let you know what is appropriate and what is not.  
How many treatments will I need?
For those with neurological conditions it is necessary to have at least 15 treatments in quick succession, ie over a three week period.  These sessions start off at the lowest chamber pressure and are increased slowly over the weeks to acclimatise the body very gradually.
Who can have this treatment?
We offer this treatment for a wide range of conditions including:
MS, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Polymyalgia, Parkinsons, Stroke, Autism, Cerebal Palsy, Cancer, Leg Ulcers/Wound Healing and Fibromyalgia.